Our Story

Our venture into the cattle business is not your typical one. None of us grew up on a farm, but Brad has had a desire to own cattle most of his life. Brad’s grandfather raised Angus cattle in the 70’s and early 80’s, but has been out of the business for a while. His best friend growing up lived on a farm that raised Angus cattle so spending time with that family was his first introduction to this breed. Since that time he has always dreamed of raising a family on a farm.

As most in the cattle business know, it is not easy to get started and we would agree with that, but with hard work and dedication we are committed to make this work. The first cows we purchased were from a family friend that raised Herefords. He had a few remaining non-registered cows that he was willing to part with and so we began our adventure. These cows were pregnant at the time so we anxiously awaited our first calves.  Seeing those calves born, especially the twins, was such a cool experience that we were definitely hooked.

Fast forward to the spring of 2015; we had completed our home and were ready to jump back in so I called up my lifelong friend and we began discussing Angus cattle and where we might be able start building up a foundation herd of momma cows. Currently, we utilize fixed-time Artificial Insemination 100% of the time and plan to introduce embryo transfer in the very near future. We believe the best is yet to come and we are excited about our future.

Our Mission & Breeding Philosophy:

1. Love and serve the Lord in everything we do.

2. Be good stewards of the land and the cattle we have been given.

3. Provide performance driven registered Angus seed stock with a focus on building cattle that add value to every segment of the industry.

4. Utilize Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer to maximize the genetic package of every calf born on our farm.

5. Focus on producing maternal cows that excel in mothering ability, volume, and soundness are the kind we want roaming our pastures. Every great bull has a great female behind him.

6. We consider EPD’s in our selection, but our emphasis has been on selecting cattle that perform with a bold phenotype, excellent conformation and quiet disposition.


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