Angus Link Launched

Angus Genetics Verified

On August 28 the American Angus Association officially launched Angus Link. Angus Link is a new feeder cattle program that was released to target the commercial sector of cattle producers and is backed by the one of the world’s most comprehensive beef cattle genetic database through Angus Genetics, Inc. There are minimum requirements for calf crops in order to be eligible to enroll n the system. At least 50 percent of the bulls used to sire the enrollment group must be registered Angus bulls, up to 50 percent of the bulls used to sire the enrollment group can be registered with other breed associations, and no more than 25 percent of the bulls used can be non-registered bulls. Producers enrolling their calves must also provide details about the genetic makeup of their cow herd. It can be as simple as a breed composition description, or they have the option to provide greater detail on the genetic merit of their cow herd by including historical bull use.

Each group of calves that are enrolled will be given scores: beef score, feedlot performance score and grid score. The foundation of the scores are the Association’s dollar value indexes — $B (beef value), $F (feedlot value) and $G (grid value), respectively. The three Angus Link scores are presented on a scale of 0 to 200, with the industry average feeder calf scoring 100 for each of the three scores.

Pricing is $4.50 per head enrolled. As an incentive to encourage early enrollment in Angus Link, participants contributing to the first 50,000 head enrolled will have an introductory enrollment fee of $4 per head, and the 50 cent-per-head savings will be reciprocated for each of their sequential enrollment groups if they continue to enroll their calves into the program each year.

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