US Beef Exports Billions

Ever wondered how much beef we export from the US each year? Well, it might just blow you away to think of how much we send out of our own country each year. The US cattle industry has exported over 1.26 billion pounds of meat to over 110 different countries around the world so far in 2018. According to US beef exports is up 14.5% from 2017. I’m not sure why that’s so intriguing to me, but it’s hard to fathom that we have such a large market demand outside of this country. It makes what we do so much more important as people around the globe rely on small, family farms just like ours to provide their meat. The largest importer of US beef currently is Japan with South Korea in 2nd. Between January-May of this year we shipped nearly 350,000,000 pounds of beef to Japan. Yes, you read that correctly. 350 Million pounds. We shipped over 240 million pounds to South Korea, which has seen a 40% increase in imports over the last year. China currently sits at #12 on the list of top importers of US beef, but with the tariff war going on between the US & China I anticipate that to drop for a little bit until we get that settled. China could be a huge market for US beef and we have already seen a huge increase from 2018 over 2017.

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